IncreasE bottom line results through people

We use DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ to Inspire, Inform and Develop an Organization of High Performers


We Help Leaders Build Winning Organizations Through People

We are a leadership development consulting firm focused on optimizing individual, team and organizational performance. We provide practical solutions that accelerate people development through executive coaching, leadership development, team alignment, facilitation and employee development initiatives tailored to the needs of your organization.


We help organizations struggling with:

  • Inconsistent performance
  • Achieving results effectively and on time
  • Collaborative interactions
  • Attitudinal challenges (angry, bitter, resigned, cynical, etc.)
  • Lack of direction or focus
  • Cross-functional collaboration with other teams or departments
  • Leadership and management challenges
Carole Gill, Founder and President

Carole Gill, Founder and President


People will make or break your business. Our solutions will further your company’s progress toward optimal productivity, efficiency, and strength. Whether you are striving for more effective interaction, better business processes or just plain improvement, we help you achieve your goals.

We use the most powerful, proven assessments, models and tools to cultivate high performing people. As we work with leaders, we help them develop and foster collaboration among people charged with bottom-line results. We measure. We coach. We assess. We inspire, develop and train to uncover an organizations highest potential.


Need Deeper Insights into Better Results?

Get the insights you need to help your people achieve better, sustainable performance. In Carole Gill's newsletter you'll get:

  • How to resolve team conflict
  • How to structure team strategy
  • Team collaboration insights
  • Tips for managers and leaders
  • Ways you can inject more fun into team projects
  • How to form and maintain strong groups and organizations
  • Additional in-depth content about the tools we use
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Defy the Experts

Even the best leader on the planet can’t make a team do well.
— J. Richard Hackman, Edgar Pierce Professor of Social and Organizational Psychology at Harvard University


Uncover Your People's Potential

Experts aside, organizations are comprised of people. Talented, inspired, messy, erratic and unpredictable people. This is fertile ground for what we love to do: uncover the magic hidden within an organization.

When we are invited into an organization to help people perform better and achieve bigger, more profound results, we are both eager and in awe of the people we get to work with. We see this as a privilege as well as a benefit as it helps us improve our ability to provide solutions that work in a variety of diverse environments.

Because each person brings their own passionate thinking, skills and experience—whether from poor conditioning or from best-in-class mentorship—each engagement profoundly inspires us to uncover the possibility of people as a group that makes (or breaks) an organization's ability to achieve real results.

This is why we do what we do. We believe in the individual as a critical component to an organization's success. Highlighting, informing and providing a basis for success is how we get organizations to perform, excel and achieve in the marketplace.

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