Integro Leadership Institute

Assessments and Surveys

After we meet with you and clarify your goals, we assess to more clearly understand where your team is right now. This first assessment, depending on the results you want to achieve, will create a benchmark moving forward. It will provide the insights to create a facilitated plan that moves your team to achieving those goals.

Measurement is the key to understanding, and we explain the models we use as well as review the assessment findings with the team. This engages teams because they gain fresh vantage points of behavior. As a result, it enables them to examine their performance as a team and make adjustments based on what they learn through the assessment process.

Carole Gill is a Certified Associate of Intégro Leadership Institute, the author and publisher of the Trust Inside Assessments. These assessments deliver a vivid snapshot of individual, team and total organizational expectations and performance across a range of critical areas. The survey results empower leaders and workers with a new understanding of their work environment, while Intégro's range of development models provide strategies for bringing performance up to optimum levels.

An ideal starting point for new clients is our flagship alternative to the traditional employee engagement survey, the Employee Passion Survey. We also facilitate two other powerful Intégro assessments: the Flexibility and Trust Survey and the Strategic Alignment Survey.


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