How "Healthy" Is Your Team?


It’s common knowledge that as human beings we need to take care of our bodies. The older we get, the more some things seem to increase (wrinkles, weight, cholesterol, etc.) and other things seem to decrease (energy, metabolism, memory, etc.). The reality is, we need to take care of ourselves. We need to have regular check-ups, exercise, eat a proper diet and medicate when necessary based on the guidance of our practitioner.

But how does this apply to our workforce?

Just like our bodies, we have to take care of our people. More often than not, we become so distracted with day-to-day business operations, looming deadlines, competing priorities, production issues and other tangible problems, that our people go unnoticed...until it’s too late. Before we know it, we end up with much larger, almost systemic problems within our workforce that appear impossible to fix.

The symptoms show up in poor attendance, decreased productivity, low morale, inability to collaborate, unresolved conflict—it’s a messy bucketful of subjective and quantitative problems that impact the bottom line, and not in a good way.

To the trained eye, there are early indicators of potential problems in an organization or a team that can be identified and addressed early, so you don’t have to deal with bigger problems later when the costs can be much higher. During a checkup, when your doctor says you need to modify your diet because your blood sugar is high and you may be pre-diabetic, you realize it could be a serious situation for your body and life. You can either ignore the warning signs and accept the consequences of diabetes, or you can follow the advice of your physician and take action to thwart or reverse a chronic disease.

The same holds true for the health of your organization. Ignoring the warning signs will only heighten the symptoms. That’s why one of my new focuses is on assessing the health and happiness of teams, where we can focus on early diagnosis to solve potentially bigger problems later.

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Once you’ve submitted the survey, you’ll be presented with an opportunity to book a free call with me to clarify the results and ask additional questions that may have come up as you took the survey. Take advantage of that time with me to talk about challenges that may exist in your team/organization or discuss ways to elevate good performance into great performance. I look forward to talking with you.

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