Is your team rocking it out?

Get a team health checkup

When caught up in the day-to-day turbulence of workload, deadlines, business growth and the always increasing demands of customers, it's critical to create an environment that fosters high performance and success.

Key indicators of team health stem from many critical areas, including: 

  • Mutual trust and respect

  • Conflict resolution

  • Communication

  • Delegation

  • Engagement

  • Decision making

  • Partnering and cross-functional collaboration

  • Alignment with organizational goals

  • Responsibility and ownership

  • Organizational alignment

How well is your team doing?

Take a moment to assess how your team is doing by completing the seven assessments in our Team Health survey here.


Take the Team Health Survey:

Assess your team based on these seven criteria. You may be surprised by how well (or not-so-well) your team is doing.

1. My team collaborates well within their group and with other partners/departments to successfully accomplish projects/goals
2. My team is seldom complacent. They consistently challenge themselves to improve and find better solutions to everyday problems or fix inefficient processes.
3. My team quickly identifies areas of conflict. They have the tools to resolve areas of conflicts on their own with little or no intervention from leadership.
4. My team is able to gain consensus, make decisions and move forward to accomplish projects/goals.
5. My team actively provides feedback and develops solutions in partnership with leadership, always keeping the larger goals of the organization in mind.
6. My team is clear on their responsibilities and is aligned with our organization's goals.
7. My team trusts and respects one another.
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