"People have

...an innate desire to serve, grow and build something better. They simply need the tools to rev up their collaborative skills so they can create results that matter to the company and to them."

—Carole Gill


The Attitude Experts

We've been in business for over 15 years and our firm is comprised of independent executive coaches and management consultants from around the country. We're brought together in various configurations to help our clients improve bottom line results through people. Each organization has unique needs and we customize our solutions to meet our clients culture, business philosophy, values and strategic direction.

We help our clients improve bottom line results through people.

Carole Gill is a capable, multi-talented firm committed to achieving outstanding results for our clients. At the core of our strength is the excellence of our individual consultants who provide a blend of business experience with a practical common sense approach. Our recommendations are based on real world experience, not theory. We pride ourselves on providing specific, straightforward solutions that are practical to implement and sustain.

Our recommendations are based on real world experience, not theory.

We bring business knowledge and best practices from Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon, GE, Marriott and PepsiCo, and performance expertise from companies such as the Boston Consulting Group, Right Management ManpowerGroup and the Center for Creative Leadership.

General Electric
Center for Creative Leadership

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Carole Gill is also a Certified Trainer with the CODA Connected Leadership Program

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Client Feedback

I really enjoyed the class and am currently using many of the self-management and discipline tools that you mentioned. I’ve even raved about it to my director and colleagues. I’m sure this course will continue yielding dividends for me far into the future. Thanks much for sharing your time and wisdom with us!
— Jing Liu, International Trade Specialist Global Markets, Office of China and Mongolia U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration

Carole is an authentic, powerful and focused woman who is a joy to work with and share visions and inspiration. I have learned a great deal from Carole from both her workshops and from less formal interactions. Carole truly is talented and she gets the job done!
— Dianne A. Allen, Visions Applied Skilled Mentor for Savvy Professionals

Sometimes you meet people that you know are doing exactly what they were intended to do with their lives. They are truly living their vocation not just an occupation. Carole Gill is one of those people.

Throughout the years I have seen Carole work with many different groups. She quickly establishes credibility and respect. She inspires participants to be their best by setting a great example and demonstrating complete mastery of all aspects of her role.

Carole’s success is due to a wealth of experience, an extremely hard work ethic, keen intelligence and an unfailing commitment to the participant and their personal and professional development.
— Rick Lewis, Senior Financial Services Representative

Carole Gill has brought tremendous experience and insights to the work of our Brandon Leadership Class of 2015. Her work as a facilitator in the DiSC profile and overall meeting management helped our team get off to a strong start and work collaboratively within a short period of time. She is an incredibly talented and seasoned professional who gets to the heart of the learning. I would highly recommend Carole and her firm, as you can count on getting results.
— Susan Barnish, Human Resources and OD/Training

Carole’s dynamic and tailored approach to leadership training is incredibly effective and fascinating. She is very energetic and makes the training interesting and targeted towards the organization’s goals in a very enlightening way. I would definitely recommend Carole and CRG Coaching Partners for any business or organization interested in developing and realizing the leadership potential of its team members.
— Janelle Miller, Attorney & President at J. Miller Law, P.A.